July 2012



Compelling visual moments present themselves without notice or warning. Mobile photography enables me to capture these moments. My phone is not delicate, it is always available, it is discreet. I have the freedom to be creating at any moment, to grab meaningful stills from the film reel that is life.

Alecs Konson

Alecs Konson – Untitled Gallery




Born in the Ukraine, Alecs Konson and her family immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s. Her love of photography started as a teenager growing up in Queens, New York, where her father set up a darkroom in their small apartment.
A self-taught photographer, Alecs learned to shoot on a fully manual film camera and spent many hours in a traditional darkroom. Alecs shoots a variety of subjects including street photography, travel, and everyday life.
She has taught at The Showcase School of Photography and exhibited her work in Atlanta, where she currently lives.
Please visit this artist at: http://www. blini.posterous.com.