At my best, I use a camera as an extension of my nervous system, as an extra sense to discover and record the unseen and unknown. Self-publishing photobooks became a way to maintain maximum control and creativity over concept, presentation and curation of ideas and projects. I had previously self-published nine photo books under olive&root, some won international acclaim and others served as an archive of a body of work or series. Through independent curator, designer and author Elizabeth Avedon’s THE ONLINE CLASS: The Photobook, where she generously shared her extensive experience and knowledge of the photo-book I was able to take my work to another level. The workshop was online at NORDPhotography with the owner and founder of the Norwegian photo workshop center, Elisabeth Nordent Aames. I’ll never look at a font the same way and the group format was great for me, always working in solitude, it was a place to present and critique ideas with exceptional photographers. I designed and published two books the duration of the ten month workshop Dejavu, Already Seen and Dejavu, Already Dreamed. Both were both recipients of international awards and in the 2022 photobook competitions. Already Seen was a top ten finalist in the Urban Photo Book Awards, fine art category in Trieste Italy 2022, juried by Susan Meiselas. It also won the Gold Award in the prestigious Paris PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2022. Already Dreamed was awarded finalist in the Urban Photo Awards and Honorable mention in the PX3. Both books are available in revised editions of 100 directly through me. They are 8”x10” hardcover, each 48 pages of black and white images printed on Mohawk superfine eggshell paper. Nancy Oliveri, born 1958 in Providence, Rhode Island is a New York City based fine art photographer. She has exhibited internationally through the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards among others and was recently featured in the Museum of the City of New York’s New York Responds 2021 and the Women Street Photographers exhibition at El Barrio’s Art Space PS109, 2021. She is also a licensed psychotherapist in private practice serving the New York art world, technology and financial communities for 30 years.

Dejavu, Already Dreamed, 2022
48 pages, 8”x10” hardcover, black and white photo books by award winning fine art photographer Nancy Oliveri. Self-published as olive&root, they are printed on Mohawk Superfine paper with an eggshell finish.
 Limited edition of 100 each.
$250 directly through the artist or on Amazon.
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IG @Nancy_Oliveri_Photography