Personalities and Portraits

“the quality or state of being a person” – Merriam Webster

At a recent solo exhibition of my “Personalities” series, a psychiatrist introduced himself and told me that he felt that I capture who people really are.

Fascinated by people’s stories, I find subjects who push convention, driven by self expression, to be especially captivating. My background as a producer documentary films and of an Off-Broadway variety show, Gotham Burlesque, led me to have intimate access to many such compelling people. My curiosity seeks out unique people and my earnest acceptance allows for our mutually engaging encounter. I provide the audience, and their bold demonstration reminds me, and my viewers, of our common human wish – to be seen. -Gary Beeber



Gary Beeber is an award-winning American photographer and filmmaker who has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.  He has had numerous solo photography exhibitions and his documentary films have been screened at over 150 film festivals.  Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Goldman Sachs and Chase Bank are Fortune 500 companies who collect his work.



Featured Image: Mona and Her Idols ©Gary Beeber