her radiance would immerse me

send me fearlessly down

without suit or snorkel

to a gypsy wagon reef


its fantasia colors surging

an aurora spawning ground,

neons of innocent hues,

tetras like iridescent phalluses


roaming dreamy pink caves

seeking safety and secrets

of numinous origins

as they cruised.


I can still taste each portion

on the silver plate she served

on what’s left of my resistance

before I saw the mirror.


fist published in Mono


BIO: Tom Weiss

I grew up on a cattle ranch on the eastern margin of The Everglades in an area that is now suburban Ft. Lauderdale. Having attended boys boarding schools from the second grade through high school likely twisted my psyche; but, I seem to write mostly love poems, so there you go.

I moved to Knoxville in 1974 intending to stay a year, and I’ve been here ever since, so it looks like I’m here to stay.

I spent a lifetime toiling in commercial real estate management and development until the pandemic retired me kicking and screaming, kindly allowing me to come out of the literary closet. My publishing history extends all the way back to December 2021. Nine poems have been published in four journals to date as I’m also working on my short fiction voice. Appearing in this journal with these remarkable photographers is a waking wet dream.

Tom Weiss

2614 Fairmont Blvd.

Knoxville, TN 37917



BIO: Dawn Watson

Visual artist Dawn Watson is a longtime resident of New York’s Hudson Valley. After a career as a professional dancer/choreographer based in New York City, Watson shifted her artistic practice to photography. Nature serves as her muse, her subject of concern, a source of solace and healing. Her work has been featured online and in print, including Diffusion X Magazine, Elizabeth Avedon Journal, Griffin Museum of Photography blog, Lenscratch, Shots Magazine, SXSE Magazine and What Will You Remember. Her photographs and artist books have been in juried exhibitions the United States and Europe, including the Albrecht-Kemper Museum, Center for Fine Art Photography, Davis-Orton Gallery, Foto Forum, Ph21 Gallery, Photographic Center NW, Tilt Gallery, SXSE Gallery/Magazine, Tang Teaching Museum and in solo exhibitions at the Griffin Museum of Photography, The Los Angeles Center for Photography and Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts. Her work is held in private collections and at The Lodge at Woodloch. Based in Hastings on Hudson, NY, Watson continues her long association as board member of regional environmental organization Scenic Hudson, Inc.

Dawn Watson