1. What is your favorite genre in photography?
Imperfect perfection. I love when photographs are perfectly realized and out of focus. I love photographs that get under your skin and give you goose bumps. I love photographs you could never imagine until you see them.
My favorite genre is photographs that take me into a world I never knew. A culture. A life. An idea. I like photographs that are not taken according to any rules except your own way of seeing.
(I don’t’ really know what “genre” means.  Is my body of work a genre?  Am I a genre?)
2. What is the first thing you do after waking up on a Monday?
The last thing I do is open my eyes. First I hear…or maybe smell. Then I try to feel what I am hearing and smelling and imagining. I often have my first conversations with my eyes closed. With my wife. With my kids. My eyes need extra rest.
(I often wake up clueless to what day it is – so Monday could be Wednesday – until I open my eyes and look to see, “OH! It is cloudy so it must be Monday!”)
3. What are your favorite instagram feeds?
My friend, the designer @wkrantz
And for completely unbiased bipartisan politics: @middleageriot
4. What is your favorite museum or gallery for photography?
My mother’s house before she passed away.
any museum before they open.
The original Witkin Gallery in NY
(I don’t really have a favorite museum. I only remember the work, not where it was hung.)
5. What’s one piece of advice that has guided you?
Wendy Snyder MacNeil – “Don’t think! Just take pictures”
Duane Michals – “Show me something I don’t already know”