1. What is your favorite genre in photography?

That’s like asking me who my favorite child is, and it’s impossible to pick! I love good photographs, no matter what the genre. I’ve been in love with photography since high school. I’ve worked in photo agencies, magazines, broadcasting, advertising, and media, so have been exposed to or worked in every genre. What I get excited about is when a photograph is well-executed, has thought behind it, is visually thrilling or something new, fresh or surprising.What I really love, is a photograph before it’s shot…when it’s an idea in your head or a sketch on a napkin. Then it’s all possibilty.


2. What is the first thing you do after waking up on a Monday?

Check email, texts, etc., especially if I’m working on a project. Then out of engrained habit from working in the media, I check Twitter and the news to see what’s up in the world and if anything could impact my work day.


3. What are your favorite Instagram feeds?

Hard to say; I follow so many. And I follow randomly, depending on my interests at the time or the moment, many, many photographers whose work I admire, as well as a wide range of artists, illustrators, and creative people in general. I’m endlessly curious, and I love to see anything visually stimulating. I don’t believe there is one path to photography, though that is my passion. So, I look to painting, fashion, pop culture, etc., and all of that inspires me, makes me stronger, and gives me a deeper visual well to draw from.

Also, I’m completely in love with Kpop and the incredible creativity that goes into every aspect of their performances, music videos, photography, style, marketing, and promotion of the music, so I love following my favorite artists.

Here are a few of the feeds I love…

@aspictures                Art Streiber gives a photo Masterclass in every post. He shows us the images, how they were made, and the choices and challenges that determined the shots. Then he acknowledges everyone who participated on the shoot for their contributions to the project. Amazing.


@gfda.co                     Daily inspiration that challenges your creativity, lifts your spirits, encourages you, and gets your ass in gear.


@All__minimal           Always an exciting site that showcases various artists’ work. It’s beautifully curated and endlessly interesting work.



Wildly creative, stunningly beautiful work that is challenging, conceptual, and thought-provoking.


@shoshibuya              Artist Sho Shibuya’s brilliant visual diary inspired by current events and painted on the covers of The New York Times


@george.lange           George Lange is never still. He is always invigorating, funny, a great photographer, writer, and renaissance man. He speaks with passion always; he believes in putting love out in the world every day and does so. Have long loved his energy and passion for his work, and now I’m especially in love with the collaborations he’s been making with his talented artist wife @stephielange. His photographs + her artwork = are sublime, a perfect marriage of joy, whimsy, and delight.


@Bts.bighitofficial      As a huge Kpop fan and proud BTS Army member, I would be remiss in not including the Instagram of the phenomenal BTS. Creatively superb, these 7 performers are at the top of their game, and it’s a thrill to follow them, listen to their music, and be lucky enough to see their live performances. The artwork, music videos, and photography created for their music are thoughtful, beautifully made, and stunning. I was late to this party and dismissed them early on as being too “pop”. Fortunately, I’ve learned my lesson, the depth of meaning in their work is staggering, and I’m a fan for life. Glad I wised up.


4. What is your favorite museum or gallery for photography?

Here in Atlanta, we are lucky to have the sublime Jackson Fine Art in our city. The High Museum has a fantastic photo collection and have seen many outstanding exhibitions there over the years. All time fav would have to be the International Center of Photography in NYC, though I haven’t been there in years. The best photo experience ever though, is Paris Photo, all the best of photography, including artists, gallerists, speakers, the best photography ever…all in one place in one of the best cities in the world. Life-changing experience. You’ll be floating on clouds long after you’re home.


5. What’s one piece of advice that has guided you?

Be the Thing. When I left my job at Premiere Magazine to come to Atlanta and work at TBS, I was understandably nervous. My former boss, Charlie Holland, photo editor extraordinaire, told me that they hired me to “be the thing”…not to waffle, not to second guess myself, but to be the expert that they’d hired. Buck up, do my homework, throw myself in and get the job done. And that’s what I did.



Barbara Griffin is an independent Creative Director, Producer and Photo Editor whose work ranges from photo shoot direction and production, from exhibition curation to fine art photo book editing. Barbara was recently honored as an Associate Member of The Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers.

Barbara currently serves on the board of War Toys, a California based non-profit https://wartoys.org/whose core mission is to advocate for children who have been affected by war. Unique, art-therapy-based collaborations with children amplify their voices and relay often traumatic accounts to audiences around the world through exhibitions, presentations, and media engagement.

Barbara’s commitment to photography and photographers is exemplified through her service on the advisory councils of Space for Arts, the only studio listings site built specifically for the photography community and ATL Photo Night, a creative organization that hosts monthly talks featuring photographers.

Formerly, Senior Vice President of Image Management for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Barbara was responsible for all photography created globally for Turner’s entertainment, animation and news networks.


Contact information

Twitter:            @barbaragriffin Instagram:   @barbaragriffinrocks

LinkedIn:        http://linkedin.com/in/barbaragriffin1