Cyndy Waters first visited Kenya 25 years ago and never really returned back home. Instead, she gave up her life as a photographer and started Orbit Village Project, a non-profit school, children’s home, and church. A few years ago she picked up the camera again with an eye toward Kenya instead of the U.S.A. She now teaches safaris and will be our instructor in January when we visit Masai Mara and the Lentorre Lodge.
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Cyndy’s Work:
I worked as a professional photographer for 20 years and graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta in 1979. In 1995 I went to Africa and realized I needed to put my camera down and work with my whole being to try to do something about to help the children there. I have been living in and out of Kenya for 25 years. I founded The Orbit Village Project Inc., a nonprofit, and we have developed a large school, children’s home and 3 churches. While still photographing continually, it was only in 2017 that I began to focus seriously on returning to the photograph circles of photography in the US. I photograph “reality” in most all forms from people, children, environmental portraiture, documentary, travel and landscape.