My internal gauge for my own work and that of others is having the feeling that I can fall into it. For a while, I can be transported somewhere else and be totally immersed in the way T. S. Eliot described regarding music.

. . .  music heard so deeply

That is not heard at all,

but you are the music

While the music lasts.

At its core, both creating and responding to art happens at a subconscious level. It is informed by all of one’s cumulative experience, everything that has been seen and heard, thought and felt. Knowing the effect for which I am striving is a guiding light but, along the way, there are principles to follow. There are techniques to use.

In the end, I hope to  . . .

Provide a dance for the eye. 

BIO: Carolyn Hollingsworth lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Photography has been a lifelong passion. She holds a BFA in art education and an MFA in ceramics from Georgia State University where she made a valiant effort to study everything on offer in the art department. Through all of life’s distractions, photography has been a constant, though ever changing, presence in her life.