It would be nice to say that I am a life long resident of the Outer Banks but that isn’t the case.  My wife (Sue) and I have only been here 19 years.  But we have been visiting for about 45 years.  In 2002 we moved from the DC area to Nags Head after I retired from the Department of the Navy as a project manager in ship construction/conversion.  During that tenure I was fortunate to be able to travel throughout this country and overseas.  That travel bug continued after retirement as Sue and I have traveled extensively within the US and to many parts of the world.

My interest in photography goes back many years but I did not take it seriously until after retirement, and the advent of the digital camera.  While I have done quite a bit of “street photography” during my travels my primary focus is on landscape photography.  Fortunately I live on the Outer Banks, a landscape photographer’s dream location.  We do have wildlife here but I don’t do birds.  Over the past few years I have been able to travel with fellow photographers, primarily in the southwest, that I met during various workshops.  I look forward to photographing in an area I have visited but not photographed.  Hopefully we will have nice clouds and temperatures that are not unseasonable hot.