In 1973 I visited the River Nile countries of Ethiopia and Egypt. In Egypt I was in awe of the monumental structures of temples, pyramids and tombs. I was struck that daily Egyptian life had to maneuver around the presence of the ancient dead from monumental ruins left behind millennium ago. In Ethiopia I strained to comprehend how these people lived inside an ancient belief system that I had no prior idea of nor understanding to define.

Realizing the gaps in my understanding of this history I had no choice but to set off on a life-long journey of primary research learning and photographing.

Sacred Nile celebrates this sacred agency of people of African descent and their influence on the foundation of Western religion. My images illustrate how faith migrated up and down the River Nile from Ethiopia to Egypt depositing vestiges of ancient practice in worship today. My visual portrayal of faith clarifies our spiritual beginnings. Sacred Nile locates the African foundation of religion.

After five decades of work my new book SACRED NILE succeeds in restoring the gap in African history, culture, travel, identity and art. SACRED NILE locates the African foundation of western religions.

SACRED NILE examines our unique legacy of faith. SACRED NILE is a photography book about a river and how the ancient people who lived along its banks were the first to worship a monotheistic God before Genesis.

Researching Sacred Nile, I began to understand why people of African descent are obsessed with their walk with God. Records carved in stone walls 4,600 years ago inside the tomb of King Unas in Ancient Egypt suggest that African people were the first to become aware of the Spirit world — to divine belief and worship.

Studying the ancient monuments left behind in Egypt, I realized that the Holiness of the African woman has been completely deleted from the history of Western civilization and the Bible. Stone records from the time before Genesis reveal the African woman held equal divine authority with the African man. She was idolized as the Mother of Heaven, called Nwt (Nut), and as Isis, known as the Mother of Immortality — the first to receive the seed of her deceased husband and give birth to their miracle child.

Most of the information revealed in SACRED NILE you never knew due to historical censorship.

Book measures 9.5” x 12”, 232 pages, Available NOW exclusively online for $40 ONLY at &


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FIELD EQUIPMENT: 3 CANON Mark II bodies, assortment of lens, 3 Lumedyne 800 ws battery strobe units with highrisers stands and a Gitzo tripod.


I am the author of eight books of photography. Most of my books can be found on Amazon. I retired in 2016 after being a staff photographer for The New York Times.

While at Tuskegee University, I picked up the camera in 1967 to record my great-aunts and uncles. The civil rights movement taught me that the elements of decency, dignity & virtuous character were always missing in most of the images by photographers who had no real relationships with my people.

Realizing that a photograph never lies about the photographer, my mission became to produce fuller images that captured our worthiness and expressed my loved for my people.

Wrestling with issues of memory, place and identity, I see my life as a narrative and my photography as its expression. My art gives visual voice to my personal and collective memories. It is inside ordinary moments where I find windows into larger meaning. Light, perspective, and points in time are the pivotal elements I use to reveal an interior presence within my subjects as I search for what I identify as the Signature of the Spirit lurking in the space underneath reality.

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