Holding Time is a love story about family. Weddings, road trips, babies, vacations, game nights – these everyday snapshots provide a roadmap to a life. I used my dad’s Kodak slides taken in the 1950s and 60s and physically held them in my current landscape, literally melding my past with my present to create the photographs in Holding Time. Combining my photographs with a lovely story by writer, Irene Alison, Holding Time gives a nostalgic nod to my family’s past but also creates a place where everyone can celebrate their own family memories, and how those memories might affect their present day. This might be my family’s story, but it’s really every family’s story. Holding Time will be published by Yoffy Press in February 2022 and is available for presale at www.yoffypress.com/holdingtime.


Holding Time came about because every Christmas, my dad brought out a box of slides that he photographed in his late teens and early 20s and made the family view them on an old projector (that if you left the slides in it too long, they would melt). He’d set up an ancient screen in the living room and we would gather in jammies and popcorn.  All visiting relatives would be required to tell stories about the slides – each year, the tales becoming a little more exaggerated. The family slide nights became a consistent memory from a childhood where my family moved a lot.


Many of my dad’s slides are of my mom; they were together almost 60 years. She passed away a few years ago and I feel like her spirit, and all the spirits of our past, constantly surround us. These little vignettes of family life hovering in my current “space” comfort me that she and other loved ones are still near, watching over me. Holding Time is a reminder that you are always carrying your past into your present.


 Catherine Panebianco is a fine art photographer from Jamestown, New York whose work catches hold of memories and chases the spirts of those we currently love, and those that continue surround us from our past. Her work explores how we connect with others, with our past, and with ourselves. Her photography book, Holding Time, will be published by Yoffy Press in February 2022.

Panebianco was shortlisted and exhibited at the BBA Photography Prize at Berlin Photo Week, exhibited at the Cortona on the Move Photography Festival in Italy and the Imago Lisboa Photo Festival in Portugal, and was a semi-finalist for the National Portrait Gallery’s Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. She was a Hopper Prize finalist and a winner of the 2020 LensCulture Critics Choice Top Ten Award, 2020 CENTER’s Project Launch Award and a 2019 Photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 50 for the series. She has also won 1st place in the International Photography Awards for Fine Art, was a finalist for the National Photography Awards for the Texas Photographic Society & a San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition Portfolio Award. Panebianco’s work has been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally and featured in Black + White Magazine, The Guardian and Oxford American.

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For this series, I used my iPhone.